Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Wow, ever thought your skin could feel like a baby's behind??
Mine does and it has a wonderful radiance about it. No kidding friends.

With all the dry, dead and damaged skin "peeled" off my face, my products can more easily do their work in getting those peptides and growth factors penetrating. Ever wonder what in the world is a peptide and growth factor? Keep reading.....

Peptides act as your skin's quarterback and signal that it needs to make new collagen-the spongy material underneath your skin's surface that props it up and prevents wrinkling and sagging.

Growth factors is a substance that occurs naturally in the body but decreases with age. They spur the production of healthy young cells, which give the skin the appearance of plumpness.

Now, where do we get these things? In good products. Yes, we sell them:) Who does not want their skin looking juicy and youthful, I see no hands raised.

So, come get a peel, and then ask about our products with the above KEY ingredients for everyone over the age of 25:)

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Guess what??


Now, this may sound strange, but as I lay in bed I thought, I think I am about to peel. There was a tight, tingly sensation once again. I do not think I was imagining it either. I checked out the face again and thought I saw a little something on my chin. Just a little.

Jumped in the shower, did the routine and came out and gently dried my face. Aha! A little bit is happening on my chin! I ran out and said to my husband “Look I think I am going to peel today” and he quickly went back to reading the paper

Once again I moisturized and applied Intellishade liberally on my face and neck. Off to church we go. After church was over, I was talking to someone and suddenly I saw her looking at my chin. I got excited and said “I had a peel three days ago, am I peeling now?” She laughed and said “Yep I would say so..” I could not resist. I pulled out my mirror and YEA! The peeling is happening for sure now. Starts on the chin for some strange reason and now throughout the day I pat a little moisturizer on my chin and cannot wait to see how it looks at the end of Day Three! The photo is in the afternoon, and if you look closely at my chin, you will see it is starting!

I am being very careful to try to keep my hands off my face and not nuzzle too much with the dog. Important to keep it clean!

Peel Progress....


I got up and looked in the mirror first thing! No peeling yet! I have to say my face felt a bit tight and throughout the day I would have a bit of a warm sensation periodically. Not to be mistaken for a hot flash, I thinkI applied the Ceramide Cream again and still there is no discomfort at all. I heard my own voice running through my head “always put on sunscreen!” I pulled out the fabulous Intellishade and applied it liberally!

Before bed, I cleansed my face again and applied more Ceramide cream. You can see by the photo that there is still nothing going on, yet. And yes, I did have on the same earrings, no trick photography here, I promise...

Skin Medica Chem Peel Diary


OK, so I thought it was time to have the big Peel, Rejuvenize, so that I could personally attest to its effect. I also wanted to blog the results to better help our patients be comfortable with this Chem Peel. After all, the word itself “Chem Peel” is a bit frightening to some.

My desire is to walk you through this from Day One to the final day of recovery. So, hang on, here we go!

The process of the application itself is a piece of cake. LeeAnn first cleans your face.  Next step is to apply a neutralizer on your face before she applies the actual “chem peel”. The smell is strong and the sensation is tingly. Does it hurt? No, it is just a tingly, maybe a minor stingy feeling. But, we have this wonderful thing called a Zimmer that blows cool air and that helps immensely with both the smell and the stingy, tingly feeling. (You were not expecting Medical Terminology I hope!)..

With the high level chosen, you have a tinge of yellow for a couple of hours. That appearance is from the Retinoic Acid that is applied. Again, not a big deal.

I left it on for 5 hours. We ask that you leave it all on at least 4 hours for maximum effectiveness. I then washed it off with the Replenix Green Tea Cleanser and applied TNS Ceramide Treatment cream. Piece of cake so far.

As you can see from the photo, I look normal, well, you know what I mean..

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Welcome to our Blog!


With the Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years coming there will be lots of parties, visitors and pictures being taken.  I am often asked what can we do to get quick results, so we look, and feel our best for this holiday season.   The answer is easy: Skin Medica Vitalize Peel, Juvederm, and Botox.  Lasers are the most effective for restoring collagen in the skin and are great to start now, but you just won’t see the results in time for this picture season.  Peels will “polish” the skin so that it reflects light better and your make-up will be even more effective.  Juvederm restores volume in the face to help with that “tired look” under the eyes or the “sad droop” (marionette lines) around the mouth.  Finally, Botox will get rid of the frown lines, and can also be use to treat the lines of the forehead or crows feet.  Come on in so we can see what will be best for you.
Come see us!