Sunday, March 4, 2012

Skin Medica Chem Peel Diary


OK, so I thought it was time to have the big Peel, Rejuvenize, so that I could personally attest to its effect. I also wanted to blog the results to better help our patients be comfortable with this Chem Peel. After all, the word itself “Chem Peel” is a bit frightening to some.

My desire is to walk you through this from Day One to the final day of recovery. So, hang on, here we go!

The process of the application itself is a piece of cake. LeeAnn first cleans your face.  Next step is to apply a neutralizer on your face before she applies the actual “chem peel”. The smell is strong and the sensation is tingly. Does it hurt? No, it is just a tingly, maybe a minor stingy feeling. But, we have this wonderful thing called a Zimmer that blows cool air and that helps immensely with both the smell and the stingy, tingly feeling. (You were not expecting Medical Terminology I hope!)..

With the high level chosen, you have a tinge of yellow for a couple of hours. That appearance is from the Retinoic Acid that is applied. Again, not a big deal.

I left it on for 5 hours. We ask that you leave it all on at least 4 hours for maximum effectiveness. I then washed it off with the Replenix Green Tea Cleanser and applied TNS Ceramide Treatment cream. Piece of cake so far.

As you can see from the photo, I look normal, well, you know what I mean..

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