Sunday, March 4, 2012

Guess what??


Now, this may sound strange, but as I lay in bed I thought, I think I am about to peel. There was a tight, tingly sensation once again. I do not think I was imagining it either. I checked out the face again and thought I saw a little something on my chin. Just a little.

Jumped in the shower, did the routine and came out and gently dried my face. Aha! A little bit is happening on my chin! I ran out and said to my husband “Look I think I am going to peel today” and he quickly went back to reading the paper

Once again I moisturized and applied Intellishade liberally on my face and neck. Off to church we go. After church was over, I was talking to someone and suddenly I saw her looking at my chin. I got excited and said “I had a peel three days ago, am I peeling now?” She laughed and said “Yep I would say so..” I could not resist. I pulled out my mirror and YEA! The peeling is happening for sure now. Starts on the chin for some strange reason and now throughout the day I pat a little moisturizer on my chin and cannot wait to see how it looks at the end of Day Three! The photo is in the afternoon, and if you look closely at my chin, you will see it is starting!

I am being very careful to try to keep my hands off my face and not nuzzle too much with the dog. Important to keep it clean!

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  1. Hi Christine -- mine started on day 4 around my mouth and below by chin. Sheryl